Squirrel Township

Floral Town is a such a busy city, scattered with hundreds of working Flower Squirrels. But, not all of them have jobs in the actual town, as many Flower Squirrels work on surrounding farms…and other areas.

Thinking of coming for a visit? Perhaps this page can help you find all the places you wish to see.

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Homeland Map & Visits

Floral Town is a secret place, protected with a magic rope.
Creatures named after flowers, who are flying squirrel folk.
This rope makes them invisible, so intruders cannot see.
It’s such a hidden place, to visit you must read the key…

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Laws of The Land

Why are rules needed in Floral Town?

An ancient scroll lists the eight laws of Floral Town. These rules help protect the safety of Flower Squirrels, as well as humans visiting their magical land. Did you know Floral Town is one of the safest places you can visit?

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