Squirrel Township

Floral Town is a such a busy city, scattered with hundreds of working Flower Squirrels. But, not all of them have jobs in the actual town, as many Flower Squirrels work on surrounding farms…and other areas.

Thinking of coming for a visit? Perhaps this page can help you find all the places you wish to see.

City Stores & Sites

Below is a list of all the main stores and places, in the center of the town.

  • Wheat-flour Bakery
  • The Memory Bank
  • Daffodil’s Hot Hut
  • The Fig Tree Cafe
  • Peace Lilly Chapel
  • Wild Rose’s Bite Clinic
  • The Hot House (Fire Station)
  • Tails n’ Paws Beauty Parlour
  • Honey Hive Hotel
  • The Walnut Express Newsroom
  • Sheriff’s Jail House
  • The Chestnut School for Squirrels
  • Poppyseed’s General Store
  • Witch Hazel’s Sick Bay Tree

Some other important areas you might like to visit, outside the city are:

  • Glide n’ Go Airport
  • The Flora Royal Palace
  • Compost’s Junk Yard (local tip)
  • The Flower Power Market Place
  • The Topaz Cheese Barn
  • The Honey Hive Farm
  • Forget Me Nut Forrest
  • The Berry Farm
  • The Fruit Farm

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Chestnut Railway Express

The ‘Chestnut Railway Express’ is a magical steam train, with many stations above and below ground throughout Crystal Island.

Station Stops on Crystal Island are…

  • Floral City
  • Miniature Village
  • The Black Forrest
  • Bushy Tail Stop
  • The Royal Station

Be careful not to miss your stop!
After the last station, The Chestnut Express turns into a flying railway
and enters the other magical islands through their secret bridges.

 Boat Docks

This is the place where many merchant ships arrive from the other magical islands. The boats deliver new inventions and magical items, as well as collect supplies to take back home.

So many exciting places to visit on Crystal Island.
Where would you like to go first?

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