Homeland Map & Visits

Floral Town is a secret place, protected with a magic rope.
Creatures named after flowers, who are flying squirrel folk.
This rope makes them invisible, so intruders cannot see.
It’s such a hidden place, to visit you must read the key…

a granted dream visit

Guess what? They can visit you! And they love to visit human children, it’s one of their favourite things to do. But as they are such shy creatures, they can only visit you in your sleep. The secret code below allows children to ask for a dream visits at bedtime.

Now if you wish to have a visit, from a squirrel in your dream,
then whisper this magic riddle, grants permission it would seem.
Queen Rose will hear your call, if you read, then do not peep. 
she will send your chosen squirrel, to visit you in your sleep.

Read Out Loud…

‘As I close my eyes I  hope to see, my favourite squirrel’s face.
I invite them to my dreams, by knocking on my pillowcase.’

Now close your eyes and think of the squirrel you wish to visit! Are you ready to knock three times?

1…2…3…Goodnight and sweet dreams! ZZzzzzzzz

Have You Been Invited to Visit Them?

It is very common for Flower Squirrels to make best friends with children, especially after sharing lots of dream visits. But they only have permission to invite one human child to visit per week.

Are you the lucky one this week?

Don’t worry if you can’t remember if they invited you. Just read the passage below, and you will be sent to their magical land as soon as you fall asleep.  Read Out Loud…

 ‘Please grant me special entry,
I mean no squirrel harm.
I wish to see your town,
please untie your rope alarm.’

If you close your eyes …can you see the bridge to Floral Town? Just wait quietly now with your eyes closed, for your favourite squirrel will come to collect you, as soon as you fall asleep.

Floral Town Visiting Hours

Did you know Flower Squirrels can time travel? Their magic travelling doors are always open, so they can visit you and you can visit Floral Town any time you dream.

Want to Write Them A Letter?

The Flower Squirrels love to hear from children. If you would like to write a letter to one of your favourite characters, The Post Master will make sure they will receive your letter. Just attention the letter to your character and dream post it to the address below…

How to send your letter.

1st.      Remember to sign your name.

2nd.    Leave room for a reply (as squirrels don’t normally travel with paper)

3rd.     Place in an envelope and address to your character using the postal address below.

4th.      Place on your night stand before you go to sleep.

Level 1, Branch 4,
The Big Fig Tree,

Floral Town, Crystal Island

Even though they’re not the best at writing human, you just might find a reply in the morning.  

Oh, and you’re more than welcome to  leave them a gift (they love nuts and flowers). And… they just might leave you a small gift in return!

Where are they?

Did you know The Flower Squirrels do not live on earth? They live far, far away, on a hidden island, that is in the Crystal Realm. They travel through space and time to visit earth through their special floating sky doors, that only little people or squirrels can fit through.

Map Finished 2

Map Legend 2

Even though their homeland is very secret, they wanted you to have their Floral Town map, so you’re not lost when you come to visit. They can’t wait meet you!

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