Laws of The Land

Why are rules needed in Floral Town?

An ancient scroll lists the eight laws of Floral Town. These rules help protect the safety of Flower Squirrels, as well as humans visiting their magical land. Did you know Floral Town is one of the safest places you can visit?

Who Makes the Rules?

king suma 5 final

King Suma rests upon his chair, while glancing through his glasses.
Checking the list of rules, for each squirrel that passes.

He has fair rules for all. yes EVERY squirrel around!
Those living in the trees, and also underground.

Who Enforces the Law?

sherif h 7 Colour

If naughty trouble occurs, anywhere in Floral Town,
Sheriff Harmony’s law and order, makes it safe and sound.

All agreed in a town vote, as squirrels raised their paws,
they selected Sheriff Harmony, to enforce the squirrel laws.

Law Breaking

What can happen?

Naughty Visitor Reports

Crystal Island (where Floral Town is) has a Realm Customs Officer at the island gate entry. This squirrel’s job is to stop anyone who looks like they might be naughty from entering the realm, and report any cases to King Suma.

Only the King can order punishment for law breakers. If human travelers have been naughty (on earth or in Floral Town), King Suma advises human parents the punishment to fit the naughtiness; which is usually no game time for half a day.

Naughty Squirrel Reports

If a Flower Squirrel has been naughty (which is not very often), their punishment is usually no human visits for a week.

Stay Good

king suma 10 FinalSo make sure you’re good, if you hear trumpets sing.
For it might be wise Suma…‘The Flower Squirrel King’!

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