The Pooch Paper – What To Expect

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Exciting News! Welcome to our official Pooch Paper introduction.

This blog collection and related social media posts will provide numerous comics and educational animal articles for big kids!

The Pooch Paper

 -Comical News from the Animal World –

A humorous, light-hearted parody of newspapers and sensationalist journalism. The blog is an omnibus collection of a fictional publication called The Pooch Paper. Its audience is primarily domesticated cats and dogs, though the paper also features articles on birds and other common pets. The Pooch Paper is a monthly publication. Its cover shows a dog and a cat surrounded by bundles of newspapers. Every issue has four pages full of headlines, which are paired with colored illustrations.

The Pooch Paper shows a year in the lives of these animals. It has twelve issues in volume 1.

The nature of headlines may change depending on seasonal events.

Besides general news, The Pooch Paper also has headlines on lifestyle topics such as films, health and recreational activities.

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