The Pooch Paper – 1st Edition


Hello fellow animal lovers!

Welcome to our first edition Pooch Paper Blog.

What is the Pooch Paper? 

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In the  meantime check out some of the fun facts below…

FUN Facts

Why Do Some Dogs Love Cats?

  • In love between dogs and cats, the love hormone or the cuddle hormone can be the culprits. Both dogs and cats release a love hormone known as oxytocin. This hormone is released when a dog becomes socially attached to a cat.
  • Another fun fact is that cats and dogs speak a different language, but they both understand each other. They understand each other as two deaf people understand each other.
  • At some point, the dog’s love for the cat is not due to hormones. When a dog looks at a cat, they communicate with each other through signs of affection. No matter how angry a dog might be, he just might really likes cat cuddles.
  • Cats are small, like puppies. Therefore, dogs love to protect cats, and sometimes they protect cats more than other members of the pack.
  • A fun fact found in the research is that some dogs that are raised with cats like the presence of cats more than other dogs.

Don’t want to wait for years to view the full first Pooch Paper volume? Then check out the downloadable newspaper comic full volume covering the whole years worth.

Perfect for those Vets or Dog group waiting rooms.

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