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Interesting Facts about Cowboys

Cowboy- a fascinating name, isn’t it? He is the one who tends cattle and horses on cattle ranches and is known as “the wrangler”. The word cowboy is derived from the Spanish word ‘vaquero’. On the ranch, the cowboy is responsible for: feeding the livestock, marking cattle and horses, and tending to their injuries and miscellaneous needs. They perform the job of moving the livestock to markets. Moreover, they repair fences, maintain ranch equipment and perform other jobs. These tasks vary depending on the size of the ranch, the terrain, and the number of livestock present on the ranch. On big ranches with a large number of cattle, a cowboy may specialize in one particular task whereas, on smaller ranches with fewer animals, cowboys are often employed to perform multiple general tasks.

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The cowboys dress, grew out of the environment in which he worked-many items were adapted from Mexican vaqueros. Cowboy hat has a wide brim to protect from the sun. There are many hat styles which are possibly influenced by both Mexican sombrero and US Cavalry hats. Cowboy boot has a high top to protect the lower legs, pointed toes to help guide the foot into the stirrup, and high heels to keep the foot from slipping while working in the muddy saddle. They wear jeans or tight-fitting heavy pants designed to protect the legs. Also, they wear guards to protect the legs when riding through heavy brushes or thorny shrubs. They also carry a rifle to protect the livestock from predators. Occasionally they may carry a pistol when in brushy, hazardous areas. They also use Spurs; a tool designed to help a rider communicate with the horse when their hands are busy or when it is too noisy to pass order orally.

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Mostly, cowboys keep a watch dog to locate and control their livestock. This dog acts as a guard for the sheep. An integral part of a cowboy’s life is a cow pony who travels where vehicles cannot. Horses, along with mules and burros, also serve a pack animals. The most important horse on the ranch is the cutting horse which must instinctively know how to react to cattle in various demanding situations.

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