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Hello fellow animal lovers!

Check out what is the Pooch Paper all about!

Are you a bee too busy to read the news? Have you been stuck in the dog house for an entire year? Now’s the time to meet your new best friend: The Pooch Paper—Comical News from the Animal World. Our team of editors, with input from human contributor N.C. Batten, have sniffed out the headlines that shook the lives of pets and strays everywhere. Prepare to laugh, gasp, and fawn as you stumble upon stories like:

  • Chloe Claims “It’s All Natural”: Chloe denies hair dye allegations
  • Santa’s Secret List Sniffed Out: Beware! Naughty and nice list exists for cats and dogs!
  • Midnight Has Finally Been Adopted: Despite his disability of being an unlucky black cat
  • French Kissing: Dogs still not sure what it is
  • Owner Returns Smelling of Another Dog: Missy too upset to comment at this time

This edition contains twelve months’ worth of headlines, complete with full-color illustrations by local artist (with opposable thumbs) Lotta Oksanen. From breaking news to advertisements to dating tips, The Pooch Paper—Comical News from the Animal World has a little treat for everyone. Get ahead of the pack and follow this blog today, to be entertained each month and be one of the first to be notified when the book is published!

Why not check out our Pooch Paper first edition!
Or see the full first years volume out now…

© N.C.Batten 2008

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