Types of Flower Squirrels

flower squirrel

Types of Flower Squirrels

How Many Types Are There?

While there are millions of  Flower Squirrels, there are only three types. They are different from earth squirrels as they wear clothes, they talk, have wings that help them fly, but most of all they can time travel

Common Flower Squirrels

Most are workers of the land with no magic powers at all, but they have plenty of creative talents. They also have excellent hearing and can pick up a tiny sound thousands of miles away.

Types of flower squirrels

How to Spot One?

The common Flower Squirrel is extremely fluffy and approximately one foot tall. They dress different from each other depending on their personality and what they do for work.Flower squirrel types

What Do They Sound Like?

These friendly, talkative creatures speak so fast, it almost sounds like another language, especially when they are excited. You’ve probably already heard them giggling in the wind without even knowing it!

Dwarf Gardeners

These small Flower Squirrels are so tiny they can easily fit into your hand, and are the keepers of the squirrel gardens. Fluffier than the average Flower Squirrel, they live in a secret place on Crystal Island, called the ‘Miniature Village’ and there are thousands of them! There are so many in fact, some still live secretly amongst the humans.

While Dwarf Flower Squirrels don’t speak human, they love pretty smelling flowers, and might just land in your garden one day!

Tiny hidden villages, of miniature squirrel clans,

Protect the garden nursery’s, in Flower Squirrel lands.

To see a waving squirrel, tiny bug size at the most.

Then hold a pretty flower, and gently look up close.

Magical Cousins

The Flower Squirrel cousins do not live on Crystal Island, instead they live in other magical realms (one cousin per realm) with all the other fantasy creatures. Each is given a special assignment from the Empress Dragon, to report regular news of their realm.

Because they have to blend into their assigned realm, these magical cousins look very different from the other squirrels. Having larger wings, they can fly higher and faster than the average squirrel. Also, for extra protection, these cousins have been given a ‘Pygmy Dragon’ that wear magic rings full of real magic dust.flower squirrel magical cousins

There are magic squirrel cousins, living far from Floral Town.

They hide on strange islands, amongst tunnels underground.

 Surrounded by powerful creatures, so must protect themselves.

With a special dragon ring, filled with magic dust for spells. 

Before starting a magic trick, they must open this special ring.

Then read this secret riddle, of which they have to sing!

Hear my words oh mighty dragon,

I am a squirrel of the flowers.

May I sprinkle a pinch of magic dust,

to share some of your powers?

Warning: Take care blowing powerful magic dust… only one tiny puff is needed!


All Flower Squirrels are curiously playful creatures that consider their tails to be one of their most attractive features. So if you see one, why not be friendly and say something nice about their tails?


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