Who Are The Flower Squirrels?

The Flower Squirrels are servants of the Enchanted Empire. They are the townsfolk of Crystal Island, often called the ‘workers of the land’ and are kindly ruled by King Suma; the Flower Squirrel King.

As the largest community of creatures within The Empire, they are very clever in crafts and farming, providing workmanship and supplies to all the other enchanted creatures of this fantasy world.

Who Is Their Ruler?

Did you know that The Enchanted Empire is ruled by a magical dragon? Although there are many islands in this fantasy world, The Empress Dragon actually lives on Crystal Island, home of The Flower Squirrels. She protects them from any side effects of other fantasy creature’s magic.

Beyond the shores of Crystal Island, is where all the other enchanted creatures exist. Here you can find the fairies, wizards, unicorns, magicians, Santa, Easter Bunny, mermaids and so many more.

The Empress Dragon

Being the Empress of all the islands, she is the wisest and most powerful creature. But that doesn’t stop this affectionate and gentle giant from hugging squirrels and children (which is actually her favourite thing to do).

Everyone knows dragons breath fire, but did you know The Empress Dragon can also breath laughing gas through her nostrils? So you might want to be extra careful when telling her a funny joke!

If she does get angry (which isn’t very often at all), she can breathe fire and thrust her large tail, sweeping and knocking things over. But don’t worry, you can calm her down by singing her your favourite song.

Do They Have Special Powers?

The Flower Squirrels are non-magical creatures, except for having wings that help them fly.  However, many have magical items that only they can use.

Magical Items

All the Magical Cousins and Ferny (The Junior Detective) use things such as identity rings, magnifying glasses, and pocket watch transmitters. They use these items when travelling far from their homeland, to keep them safe and communicate with the Empress Dragon. But the most amazing magical item (the pocket watch transmitter) can actually help guide them when time travelling.

Magic Pets

The Magical Cousins are the only ones with ‘Pygmy Dragons’. Each one of these miniature dragons wears a magic dust ring, full of real magic.

flower squirrel magic

Powerful Black Sapphire

There is something special that exists only on Crystal Island; The Giant Black Sapphire.

This powerful crystal supplies magic energy to the whole fantasy world. It has formed in the largest volcano, on the largest island (Crystal Island) and is protected by the Empress Dragon’s Cave.

Time Travelling Doorways

As well as providing magic power, there is something very strange the ancient black sapphire has created… travelling portals to all other worlds.

These portals are see-through doors floating above Dragons Peak (Empress Dragon’s mountain home). Each and every traveller is granted a gate way passport to enter … if they dare!

What Are Their Weaknesses?

Short Memories


 Flower Squirrels

have memories that only last for twenty minutes. To help their memories last longer, every day they eat special ‘forget me nuts’, that only grow on their island.

What Are They Allergic To?

Did you know that Flower Squirrels are allergic to salt water? It makes them lose their flying magic and they can’t use their wings for at least one whole day.

How Old Do They Grow?

They may look young and have playful personalities, but believe it or not, the average Flower Squirrel can live more than two hundred years.

In fact, King Suma had his royal birthday recently, turning 216 years old. Happy Birthday King Suma!

Where Do They Go to School?

All Flower Squirrels attend ‘The Golden Acorn School For Squirrels’. Many tiny  squirrel pups arrive every year on Mr. Sage’s flying school bus, and are greeted by Mrs. Daisy, the one and only teacher.

education for all right

What Do They Do for Fun?

As Flower Squirrels are such cheerful creatures, they enjoy singing, dancing and laughing as much as possible. In fact, they are well known for using any occasion to have a party!

Want To Hear The Flower Squirrels Favourite Song?

Click the arrow below… and dance along with them.

What Don’t They Like?

Many do become a little frustrated with their short-term memories, as they hide food and forget where they buried it. In fact, on many occasions they find other squirrel’s food thinking it’s theirs.  Lucky they have a rule “finders’ keepers”.

What they are really scared of is the sea. Not only are their wings allergic to the salt water, but that’s where the Legend Captain Shadow sails!

All Flower Squirrel pups have heard the many scary tales of this pirate, especially the ones where he doesn’t like squirrels! This makes squirrels avoid sailing at any cost…

What are Their Habits?

Grooming Habits

You can spot many Flower Squirrels having their daily bath in the hot springs, spending a lot of time washing and grooming their beautiful tails. However, for special occasions, most visit Tails n’ Paws Beauty Parlour, the one stop hair and grooming shop.

flower squirrel habits

Painting all their claws, and trimming all their fur.

She’s the squirrels’ hairdresser, known as the ‘hip’ Miss Burr.

Eating Habits

Did you know these creatures eat every part of a flower? That’s right, not only do the Flower Squirrels love eating nuts, they also use flowers for their cooking ingredients. They wanted to share their home cooking secrets with you…

Stem                  are their vegetables
Nectar              is what they drink
Pollen               vitamins on other foods
Petals                for eating and decoration
Seeds                for seasoning in baking

When the Flower Squirrels like to go out to eat, you can often see them at the Fig Tree Café in Floral Town.flower squirrel eating habits

The Fig Tree Café is the eating place to be.

With all sorts of meals, served at the walnut tree.

What Are Their Homes Like?

Most of these creatures live amongst the forests, but many also live in town and country areas. Their homes are built in tree houses and underground bunkers. The underground houses are linked to many tunnels, with several entrances.

Big families are usually found in the forest suburbs, while single squirrels tend to live in the Big Oak Apartments. Every one of their homes has a letterbox with their family flower pot.

flower squirrel homes

What Do They Do for Work?

Occupation Types

Flower Squirrels can have many different jobs and trades, some provide directly for their township, while others make supplies for the magical islands.

City Professions

Many of them work in Floral Town, working jobs like a vet, librarian, chef, teacher, sheriff and so many more.

Special Assignments

Usually special assignments are only given to the magical cousins. This is when a Flower Squirrel is sent far away on an undercover journey.


The farmers grow and harvest food for the township and surrounding islands.

Factory Workers

These squirrels work in the main island factories, which supply the entire fantasy world with a whole range of goodies.

Nut Collectors

All the other Flower Squirrels usually work as nut collectors and guess what? They love it!

Do They Have Pets?

Flower Squirrel pups like to collect caterpillars and glow worms for pets. Whereas most adult family members have other small animals, birds and insects as companions.

Flower squirrel pets

How Do They Travel?

You can often see Flower Squirrels walking or flying from place to place. But they also love to ride giant snail motorbikes, duck speed boats, and cruise on swan ferries.

As Flower Squirrels are naturally shy creatures (and can become a little bit nervous), they will often use their secret underground tunnels. So if you hear quiet bumps under your house, its probably just the squirrels moving place to place…


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