Tiny Tuba’s Tale

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Hello Fellow Elephant Lovers!

Take a sneak peak at Tiny Tuba’s tale. The perfect bedtime tale for all those magic loving little readers!

tale synopsis

This humorous tale shares the friendship of a genie in search of a new home with Tiny Tuba, a roaming elephant who needs a friend. Find out if the genie is prepared for the mishaps that come with the home she is offered – inside an elephant’s trunk! Here is a sneak peak of Tiny Tuba’s bedtime rhyme…

There once lived a genie
who needed a comfy home,
as she was very allergic,
to silver, gold and chrome.

 It was Tiny Tuba,
who was very sweet indeed.
He offered his own trunk
for a home… Genie agreed!

Along their fun-filled travels,
many mishaps did unfold,  
like Tiny Tuba sneezing,
causing genie to take hold.

For a housewarming gift,
Genie had a secret plan,
Tiny Tuba could rub his trunk
– his wish was her command…

ANNOUNCEMENT for readers!

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Illustrated by the talented Daniel Salcedo

©N.C.Batten 2019

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