Tess The Tiger

Hello Fellow Tiger Lovers!

Take a sneak peak at Tess The Tiger’s Tale. The perfect bedtime tale for all those junior detective readers. Can you help find Tess’s stripes?

tale synopsis

Have you ever heard of a tiger losing all its stripes? In this tale that very thing happens to Tess the Tiger! During her search, she befriends a magic wizard, who helps her recover her stripes. Embark on this amusing adventure story, meeting helpful animals along the way. Here is a sneak peak of Tess’s bedtime rhyme…

One very windy day,
Tess the tiger was in strife.
It was so very windy,
if blew off all her stripes.

Soon spotting lots of stripes
Zebra had been wearing.
But they were ALL his own,
and Zebra wasn’t sharing.

Only one more stripe to find.
Where could it be, do you suppose?
“Here it is,” bear shouted.
It had landed on his nose.

Thanks to all her friends,
and helpful strangers too,
Tess was very grateful,
as her coat now looks like new!

ANNOUNCEMENT for readers!

We are so excited to announce the Nanny’s Enchanted Tales Collection
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Illustrated by the talented Daniel Salcedo

©N.C.Batten 2019

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