Snuggle Bunny


Hello Fellow Bunny Lovers!

Take a sneak peak at Snuggle Bunny’s tale. The perfect bedtime tale for all those extra snuggly little readers!

Tale Synopsis

If there is a character that loves cuddles more than anyone, it is Snuggle Bunny! This bunny wants to cuddle his fairy mummy every chance he gets. This makes his daily routine a humorous tale, very relatable for those extra-snuggly readers. Find out when this bunny loves to snuggle the most. Here is a sneak peak of Snuggle Bunny’s bedtime rhyme…

Snuggle Bunny loves his snuggles
and big warm kisses too.
He likes to stretch his little legs
to deliver his kiss to you.

Snuggle Bunny loves his snuggles,
with his soft and fluffy fur.
He smooches with putty cat,
and always makes him purr.

Snuggle Bunny loves his snuggles,
even while in the tub.
Blowing bubbles at bath time,
with an ear and tummy rub.

Snuggle Bunny loves his snuggles.
But do you know his favorite time?

It’s when he reads in bed,
his favorite bedtime rhyme.

ANNOUNCEMENT for readers!

We are so excited to announce the Nanny’s Enchanted Tales Collection
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Illustrated by the talented Daniel Salcedo

©N.C.Batten 2019

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