Rodney The Rudest Rat

Hello Fellow Rat Lovers!

Take a sneak peak at Rodney The Rat’s tale. The perfect bedtime tale for all those mischievous little readers!

tale synopsis

Rodney the Rat is the naughtiest one in his group of friends, including Tess the Tiger, Tiny Tuba, Snuggle Bunny and Bumpy Boo. His friends are not always happy with his tendency to be mischievous and a little bit bossy. His mummy, a witch, helps Rodney learn some manners. What will the witch do to help Rodney keep his friends?  Here is a sneak peak of Rodney’s bedtime rhyme…

Rodney the rudest rat,
is as rude as rude can be.
He upsets all his friends,
if only he could see.

Rodney the rudest rat,
has no manners at all!
He’s such a messy rascal,
chewing through the wall.

Rodney the rudest rat,
can often be unkind.
He ate the last cookie,
and does it all the time!

Rodney was the rudest rat,
but his rudeness came to an end.
He now has all his manners,
and has even made a friend.

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