Nanny’s Enchanted Tales Collection

Welcome to the first collection of Nanny’s Enchanted Tales Vol. 1

Written by Nanny Dragon, featuring her furry friends, these short bedtime rhymes are great to keep the kids entertained.

ANNOUNCEMENT for readers!

We are so excited to announce this book is now published and is being shipped to Australia some time in December 2020 and will be  available shortly for purchase. In the mean time, why not check out sneak peaks of each tale included in this volume?

volume one synopsis 

Nanny’s Enchanted Tales is a series of illustrative and captivating bedtime rhymes. The stories, derived from animal friendships and sprinkled with magical characters, are the perfect night-time reading for children.

This series narrates many fun-filled adventures, while unfolding warm friendships throughout the stories. However, some pets are good, and others are naughty. Which story will you read first?

Illustrated by the talented Daniel Salcedo

Nanny Dragon has many stories.
This book includes a few,
filled will zoos and magic riddles,
story time just for you.

So right before your nap,
pick your favourite rhyme.
Ask a grownup to read
…it’s snuggle teddy time!

individual story snippets

Snuggle Bunny’s Tale

Who does Snuggle Bunny like to snuggle?

Rodney The Rat’s Tale

What made Rodney the Rudest Rat?

Bumpy Boo’s Tale

Does Bumpy Boo ever sleep?

Tiny Tuba’s Tale

Why is Tuba’s trunk magic?

Tess The Tiger’s Tale

How did Tess lose all her stripes?



Nannys coloring comp

Keep an eye out for our book launch coloring competition, and your chance to win one of our gorgeous teddy prizes!

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