Bumpy Boo’s Tale

Hello Fellow Cheeky Monkey Lovers!

Take a sneak peak at Bumpy Boo’s tale. The perfect bedtime tale for all those extra energetic little readers!

tale synopsis

In this fun-filled night-time story, a pirate boy shares his secret: Bumpy Boo, his teddy monkey, comes alive at night! Bumpy doesn’t like to sleep and tries to explore new ways to keep the pirate awake. Find out what this cheeky monkey really gets up to when the boy’s parents are asleep. Here is a sneak peak of Bumpy Boo’s bedtime rhyme…

There’s a monkey on my bed,
his name is Bumpy Boo.
He is the BUMP in the night…
Do you have one too?

There’s a monkey on my bed,
he makes me laugh all night.
Telling jokes and stories,
when grownups are out of sight.

There’s a monkey in my bed,
under sheets tucked in tight.
When he wiggled just a little,
he gave my mum a FRIGHT!

There’s a monkey on my bed
I like to hug so tight.
It helps him fall asleep,
sweet dreams and a goodnight.

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Illustrated by the talented Daniel Salcedo

©N.C.Batten 2019

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