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Miss Violet is the lead news reporter for The Walnut Express Newspaper and Go Nuts Magazine. Always listening to the radio for potential news worthy stories. Miss Violet  travels by plane, boat or train, to get the latest scoop!

Considered nosey by many of the Flower Squirrel town members, Violet may perhaps be a little pushy and overly curious, but she does try to avoid trouble in her constant search for the truth.

up close interview

Q1 What is your favourite hobby?

A1 Listening to local gossip. I know it’s not a good thing, but I can’t help it. Well at least it helps with my reporting job.

Q2 What do you like?

A2  Shopping at Poppies General Store in Floral Town for new dresses.

Q3 What do you dislike?

A3   Not having equal pay with boy squirrels.

Q4 Who is your best friend?

A4   Ferny the Junior Detective is my absolute bestie.

Q5 What is your job?

A5   Following news story leads. It is very exciting and I love my job.

Q6 What is your favourite place in Floral Town?

A6   I really love picnics at a secret spot near the hot spring’s lake with Ferny.

Q7  Do you have a pet?

A7   Sprinkles is my ladybird pet

Q8 What is your favourite food?

A8   I can’t resist crushed cashew tarts from Mr. Wheat Flours bakery, and walnut ice cream from Sweet Pea’s cafe.

Q9  What is your favourite colour?

A9   Violet of course! Its my favourite flower and colour.

Q10 Where do you live?      

A10 In a tree house above my news station. It’s usually covered in paperwork and story ideas.

Q11 When is your birthday?

A11 December the 18th


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