Flower Squirrels

Numerous series are being created to enhance the imagination and learning aspects for the younger children’s markets. Classic collectables filled with delightful tales of over fifty unique and lovable characters. Each book presents charmingly humorous, soft illustrations to assist the introduction of The Flower Squirrels to developing readers of all stages. Soon supplying ranges of baby books to picture book ranges, while introducing readers to The Flower Squirrel Realm within the Enchanted Dimension for our up and coming young adult fantasy chronicles. They’re almost ready!.

Ferny, The Detective

A member of (E.L.I.S) Enchanted Little-people Investigation Services, which is responsible for conducting a private undercover investigation by obtaining clues, evidence, examining scenes and interviewing the witness.


Violet, The Reporter

A charismatic, News Reporter for the ‘Go Nuts Magazine, The Walnut Express Newspaper and The Fantasy News Gazette’. She helps uncover multiple newsworthy stories from The Enchanted Empire, The Animal World, and Floral Town.


The Nutty Club

Why not join our TOP SECRET Nutty Club? This vintage children’s Facebook club, aims to return old-fashioned values and adorable entertainment.  Feel like you’re part of Floral Town, while enriching your child’s sense of belonging.


Perfect family club, as offers relevant posts to guide parents and kids in every days situations (as our Flower Squirrel Families too experience), furthermore being the first to receive breaking news and earth messages directly from The Flower Squirrel Town Members.


Coming Soon

Nutty club’s members get ready to go nuts as our Squirrel Reporter, Violet has produced a fantastic magazine featuring town gossip, celebrity interviews, and so much more. Each volume will introduce one of 52 flying squirrel members.


So many Flower Squirrel classic collectables will be on offer in the near future, from fifty-two bedtime rhymes to Detective Tales, ABC books, Floral Town Tourists Guide and more.  Interested? Feel free to join our mailing list to be in the know on our up and coming book launches.

Thank you again

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