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Go Nuts Mag HAS launched!

The official launch blog for

The Flower Squirrel

Go Nuts Magazine

By squirrels for squirrels!

Image of the Enchanted author

Violet (The Flower Squirrel Reporter) has announced the launch of her Floral Town’s Gossip Magazine ‘GO NUTS’.

Featuring town gossip, latest fashion trends, celebrity interviews and best nut hoarding hideouts!

Each humorous magazine cover not only offers entertaining headlines, but also exclusive interviews, introducing the fifty three Flower Squirrel township members. In addition, top tips for each flying squirrels unique trade. Entertaining, identifiable and addictive…everyone has a favourite.

Warning for readers

Nut and squirrel pun overload!!
Price: 1 acorn per magazine

See the first magazine…

Check Violet The Reporter’s first Go Nuts Magazine interview. Get up close and personal with Violet and read her exclusive scoop on being a top news reporter. 

Discover new furry friends every month with Violet’s Go Nuts Magazine articles!

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