Black Bird Collection

What is Black Bird?

The Enchanted Black Bird is something that identifies with depression, anxiety and life’s stresses. An ongoing campaign to raise awareness of sadness and anxiety, assisting to remove the stigma associated.

The project’s secondary principal is to provide ongoing donated proceeds to Beyond Blue, while providing original vintage fantasy self-help and activity program books.

Our Collection

Are you often depressed or know somebody who is stressed?  It is possible you have a Black Bird impending over you. This book collection will help you identify the type of  ‘Black Bird’ you might be holding, while providing tools and suggested remedies.


The Enchanted Black Bird Publications, offer a unique book collection accommodating a wide range of readers for the young and old. While presenting various up and coming book formats such as comics, self-help novels, program journals, expression diaries, coloring books, and much more.


Beside our main Black Bird Metaphor character, humorous comic seeking readers can let our mascot characters, such as Cecil (The Stressed-out Squirrel) and his girlfriend, Wendy (The Worry Wart) entertain them.


While (in the early future) our younger readers can meet the rest of our Black Bird Club Team; The Black Sheep, Bull the Bully and Anxious Author the two headed dragon, who can help free their Black Bird.

Enchanted Black Bird Club

The Enchanted Black Bird Club is an on-line support club to enhance the awareness of depression and anxiety and raise social acceptance, by providing identifiable and humorous aspects for followers, from a more entertaining (rather than clinical) view point.


The overall clubs’ purpose is to build the courage to identify the Black Birds possible existence, establish more support networks, supply support connection tools to help others, and to provide a little something to look forward to each day.


In addition, The Enchanted Black Bird Club is an ongoing support campaign for raising 10% donation proceeds to Beyond Blue, while providing mild sufferers additional tools to cope.


“I quite like the book and the concept, that it could help in even a small way simply by reflecting back to the reader that their feelings and/or experiences are not unique to them and that they are not alone.  Not a bad idea!.”

Philip Armstrong FACA  – CEO ACA  Inc

Coming Soon

A unique six book collection to assist the acceptance and the reaching out process written by someone that has suffered, learnt to cope and in turn assist others with their journeys. The Enchanted Black Bird publications author, N.C. Batten hopes that by sharing her personal journey, she will not only inspire but assist others to expose and find the courage to conquer their own Black Bird’s, in turn embracing their lives and talents to the fullest. So, they too can feel more free.

Club Overall Purpose

• Build courage to identify Black Birds possible existence.
• Establish more support networks.
• Supporting connection tools to send invites to others.
• To have something to look forward each day.

Coming Soon

The collections foundation self-help book titled ‘Black Bird’ and its related 10 week program, is first in line of this brand to be published.

Please follow us if you wish to be kept in the loop of when our kick starter campaign begins.

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