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Welcome to my first ‘up close and personal’ blog.  I must be honest I am not comfortable writing about myself, I much prefer to hide behind my characters. However, as I am relativity new to the publishing world, I thought I should provide at least an intro blog, to allow you to get to know me and share what inspires me to write. So here goes…

When Do I Feel Creative?

Most of my friends describe me as a squirrel on a sugar diet. I cannot seem to sit still, and creative ideas invade my head space constantly. If I can’t create on a regular basis, I’m worried I just might self-combust!

Who Do I Write For?

I tend to lean towards writing for children. I love to capture their precious innocent minds, and taking their imaginations far away to numerous magical lands. I have to admit I find it immensely fulfilling when I hear children reading my stories and truly believing them to be real. Which of course they are!

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What Do I Write?

Being a little obsessed with animals and children’s’ lightheartedness, you can expect my stories to be filled with numerous types of animal characters, blended with young fantasy creatures set amongst humorous story plots. My favorite production step is producing the ‘finishing touches’, ensuring I have surprising story hooks for my readers, which (hopefully) enhances their reading experience.

My Writing Style

I am told my writing often provides readers with uplifting experiences, with my quirky and childlike writing style. Blending the reality world with the fantasy world, while twisting the usual to be humorously unusual. My overall aim with each of my writing projects is to provide readers with a touch of ‘sunshine’ to their day.

Project Motivational Tips

– My Recipe to Bake A Book –
Start with a cup of patience
Poor constant persistence
Stir the plot
Avoid procrastination
Set attitude to positive
Then bake until published

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