Enchanted Animal Advocacy

Enchanted Animal Advocacy, is a branch of our empire for the animal lovers and fur-baby parents. Not only will we be supplying unique vintage fur-baby product lines, we are also about providing educational and humorous books on pet welfare, in the most entertaining and child-friendly way.

Furthermore, our aim is to provide future fundraising packs for animal welfare charities, to not only educate future pet owners, but also raise funds for their relevant charities.

Charity partners

Due to a passion for animals, The Enchanted Empire Corporation has signed a joint venture agreement to work with community charities, and clubs for fundraising, advocacy, and service delivery.

Coming soon

The Dog Master Apprentice, wish to earn a Dog Master Apprentice certificate? This fun book teaches and creates awareness about dog seeking and ownership.  The ultimate chapter program for animal club’s seeking memorable activities.


The Pooch Paper is about to be launched! The much-awaited, humorous paper by the animal lover is on its way; features breaking news, classifieds, top fashions, fitness, sports, travel and much more. From animals for animals.

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