the Private Detective

Short Character Description


"World First"

Top detective discovers magic translator!

Ferny the secret undercover detective. Always on the case!


Ferny, a shy and modest genius that solves cases and news worthy stories from obtaining clues, collecting evidence, examining scenes and interviewing witnesses.  Being a member of E.L.I.S. (The Enchanted Little-peoples Investigation Services), he often travels abroad for private undercover cases. Ferny is an unfailing, organised workaholic, always sniffing out the truth. It’s almost impossible to trick this clever Detective! As Ferny is terrified of water and has a nervous habit of eating his writing fern, he can unwittingly cause mishaps during investigations, but somehow still manages to uncover the case secrets. Ferny often follows up leads Violet provides him and in return shares his findings to her for reporting to the world. Ferny’s strong attraction to Violet makes him nervous, often causing him to waver from the rules. Ferny and Violet’s close bond has formed from many shared case secrets, giving this powerful duo the perfect balance of trust to unravel any case, no matter how mysterious. Sniffing out the truth... one nut job at a time!


 the reporter

Short Character Description


“News Flash”

Animal news now translated for humans!

By Violet top reporter for ‘The Walnut Express News ‘of The Enchanted Empire.


Cheeky Violet often uses her charismatic, yet daring personality to find and report her storie, which can be humorous at times, as most squirrels are distracted by her beauty and flirtatious tail wags. She runs The Walnut Express T.V. and radio station, plus the local newspaper for the Empire. Violet helps uncover newsworthy stories from The Enchanted Empire, Enchanted Animal Advocacy and Floral Town. She loves wearing disguises for undercover stories, while her sneaky, yet charming ways prove to be powerful skills to gain the facts from others. Even though Violet’s job is to report the facts, her short-tem memory can often cause a stir. While also being the first animal reporter delivering direct animal news to humans, she will do almost anything to get a good story.  Violet often requires Ferny’s assistance for her story leads and trusts him impeccably. Their introvert and extrovert dynamics create the perfect balance for this enchanted undercover team. Be the first to hear the news. Watch this space