The Enchanted Team


The Enchanted Empire Corporation team members all share the same core ethics of honesty and helping others in need.  Coupled with creative abilities, the team understand that in order to achieve our goals, we need to take a light hearted and open approach. Sharing a fun environment that enhances effective ideas, yet takes fantasy seriously enough to raise standards of excellence within the industry.

We have high expectations of standards in work submissions and task follow through, producing quality and original works to supply to the market.  In addition, the alliance of this highly motivated and passionate team, with their unique blend of skills, presents them as a powerful and unstoppable force in the quest to build our empire.


Natalie Batten -   Creative Director/Author

Natalie Batten was born in August 1976 in Melbourne. Youngest of 4 daughters and was raised in Melbourne Victoria. Her childhood was happy and always creative and exciting in all that she did. From an early age, Natalie was inspired to write creative stories and illustrated them beautifully, displaying an amazing talent which brought her stories to life.

As a young girl, Natalie had an extraordinary flair and a natural talent for creating pantomimes, dance concerts, games, puppet shows and movie scripts, capturing the hearts of other young children and adults as she entertained them.

Ferny and Coco (the two head characters of Natalie’s creation) exhibit personality traits reflecting distinctive characteristics of her own disposition.

From majoring in Art & Math’s at Secondary School, to working over 18 years in Accounting and Business Management fields progressing to contracting her Business Services directly. During this time, Natalie also completed several studies including a ‘Diploma of Business Management’ (awarded honours), ‘Fantasy and Science Writing’ and ‘Professional Children’s Writing’ courses. Also receiving RPL’s in ‘Diploma of Accounting’ and finally completing art classes in 2014. Venturing into several business ideas of her own, owning and operating her first business by 18 years of age. Every venture entertained children in some way. Ranging from live pantomimes, children’s theme parties to children’s hand crafted and painted bed suites.

Natalie’s passion for others to follow their dreams and goals, has been portrayed in all of her writings as an inspirational undertone, sprinkled with her sense of humour. Having never fallen short of various themes, plots and character ideas, her lifelong dream, is to supply hours of enjoyment and entertainment to children of all ages through reading her books for many years to come.

Natalie has always had several creative projects developing and never wastes an idea. With the combination of her creative abilities and her entrepreneur flare, the creation of ‘The Enchanted Empire’ seemed inevitable.




Anne Richardson - Author

Anne was born in March 1945 and raised in Victoria, the second youngest of six children.  Raised in tough conditions, she managed to find her “Island of Tranquillity” at an early age, writing about her experiences and capturing memorable moments throughout the hardships of the poverty in which she lived.

Always creative, Anne had the ability to capture emotions and express them through writing about her feelings of joy, happiness, heartache and trauma, which helped her put things in perspective.  Over 40 years, Anne accumulated over 3,000 poems, each one relating to sights, sounds, emotions and thoughts of sheer splendour of her particular, personal experiences.

Realising the motivational and inspirational strength of her writing, Anne decided to share her poems with those who were in need of strength, motivation or experiencing hardship and unhappiness.  In 1984, a study of Naturopathy, Herbalism and Sociology enhanced Anne’s appreciation of nature which resulted in the production of a book which she titled “Simply Natural”.  A guide to living compatibly with nature by embracing it in every way.

From childhood, Anne’s fascination with arachnids grew.  In 1989 after many years of practical study, she was deeply inspired to produce “Anne’s Arachnids”, a reference book for other adventurous and like-minded individuals.

In 1990, Anne completed courses that enhanced her knowledge of Freelance Journalism and Creative Writing.  This led to Anne’s first published article in “Reader’s Rights Newsletter”.

In 1995, Anne started teaching creative writing classes for adults and children.  It was then that Anne started assisting behind the scenes at The Enchanted Empire.  Helping young people to recognise their talents and encouraging them to cultivate their gifts has always been very fulfilling and given Anne enormous joy.


Lisa Stafford - Editor

Johanna Schick - Executive Assistant/PR

Lisa was born in Melbourne in July 1974.  The third eldest of four daughters she enjoyed many hours of playing with her sisters.  She cherished the times when they would role play their favourite book or movie character, and hoped one day to share the books and games with her own children.

Lisa enjoyed mathematics at secondary college and went on to complete a Diploma of Business Management.

Currently now enjoying being the hub of the creative team contributing her vast knowledge and brilliant fantasy ideas to assist in creating this delightful and imaginative world.  Overall Lisa’s all-embracing, professional manner, worthy values and effervescent love of life radiates through the core of the Enchanted team.


Johanna assists Author, N.C. Batten in various areas such as PR, social media and office administration management.  Born in Germany and currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Marketing, she loves to write and enjoys the fast-paced industry and publication process.

With aspirations to remain in the creative industry, Johanna is excited to be part of the Enchanted Empire’s growth and future creations.


Milena Vitorovic -  Illustrator

Bojan Bergamo-Ravlic -  Colorist

Milena was born in Belgrade, Serbia in December of 1985.  She showed graphic talent from an early age and went on to earn a Master’s degree of Applied Arts.  She is excited to be part of the upcoming Squirrel book series as she feels the children’s spirit and incorporates that wisely in her illustration work.

Bojan was born in Sombor, Serbia in January 1988.  Growing up he was influenced by those around him and he soon found himself developing a raw talent for drawing, painting and illustrating. Working on the Enchanted Empire’s book series helps him to use the knowledge he has gained as a reader, gamer and general consumer of the visual arts.


Amy Sun - Illustrator

Amy was born in Romania and now lives in Paris.  Her love for drawing started when she was five years old, when her mother would draw for her.  She made her realise that she could do anything with a pen and a piece of paper.  Amy is a self-taught artist and uses her talents working on the Black Bird Collection.  Specialising in Graphic Design, her love for illustration shows her ability to tell stories through the images she creates.