The Enchanted Empire Corporation Pty Ltd

About Us

The Enchanted Empire Corporation Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company, that produces publications for a broad range of markets.  The concept derived from the creation of our original “Enchanted Dimension”.  The creation of this world is the foundation of most of the publications and business ventures for the Enchanted Empire.  Largely offering publications in the fantasy, self-help and educational sectors.

Through awareness, expertise, desire and motivation, we aim to enhance children’s lives by sharing a part of this mysterious world.  The Enchanted Empire Corporation also offer the Enchanted Animal Advocacy to help raise awareness of animal cruelty & its Educational programs.


Our Aim

We aim to create and provide a world of comical and exciting entertainment, while motivating young readers to take charge of their own destiny by following their dreams, staying true and valuing loyal friendships.


Our Projects

The “Enchanted Dimension” was created and established by N.C. Batten.  All projects directly result from over 25 years of research and imagination.  Our various publications (over 15 series marked for future release) range from adult, young adult, picture book and educational markets.


Mission Statement

The Director’s main objective for The Enchanted Empire Corporation is to create a trusted global brand of fantasy in many fields of entertainment and inspire to impact readers to use their own creativity and self-belief. Accomplishing this by returning old world, wholesome entertainment, while also providing spectacular, memorable collectable fantasy and inspiration.

The secondary vision and ultimate intention for the Enchanted Empire brand is to privately fund a team called ‘The Charity Ambassadors’ that supports other charities.


Business Philosophy

The purpose of these mainstream commercial fiction publications is to inspire imagination within the young and young of heart, inspiring their talents and ambitions by utilizing motivational fiction entertainment.

The place most people yearn to visit is their childhood, therefore it seems logical to share this mystical place, capturing every child’s fantasy within boundless spectrum, while also encouraging adults to revisit their childhood. We highlight imagination to a new level, combining well known wives’ tales, with the supernatural and superstitious. We deliver humorous twists to enthral and amuse current generations and harmoniously compliment present cultures.

Sharing discoveries recorded by realistic characters, while our writing styles can relate to and amuse all ages. These publications will open doors of the mind allowing the reader to experience the ultimate treasure of their childhood – Imagination.

These amazing adventures are to be enjoyed and appreciated by audiences across many age groups, nationalities, and genders, encouraging deliberation on messages conveyed and become enthralled in the many journeys throughout our tales.

The reader can also utilize our series as an educational tool and reminder for life lessons. These books allow the reader to revisit their own individual choices and outcomes in life, love, and destiny. Enlightening and creating an understanding of nature, historical events, and multi-cultural celebrations.