"I quite like the book and the concept, that it could help in even a small way simply by reflecting back to the reader that their feelings and/or experiences are not unique to them and that they are not alone.  As with all things of this nature depression is complex and not one therapy or treatment fits all so I would see this publication as a good support tool used in conjunction with formal treatment. Not a bad idea!."

Philip Armstrong FACA  - CEO ACA Inc


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What is Black Bird?

The Enchanted Black Bird is something that identifies with depression, anxiety or simply life’s stresses.  An ongoing campaign to raise awareness of sadness and anxiety, assisting to remove the stigma associated with mental illness.  The project’s secondary principal is to provide ongoing donated proceeds to Beyond Blue, while supplying additional tools to assist mild sufferers of these conditions.


The Enchanted Black Bird Collection

A unique six book collection to assist the acceptance and the reaching out process written by someone that has suffered, learnt to cope and in turn assist others with their journeys.  The Enchanted Black Bird publications author, N.C. Batten hopes that by sharing her personal journey, she will not only inspire but assist others to expose and find the courage to conquer their own Black Bird’s, in turn embracing their lives and talents to the fullest.  So, they too can feel more free.


Enchanted Black Bird Book

 Do you find yourself constantly overwhelmed with sadness and stress? Do you struggle with feelings loneliness and hopelessness? Are your feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt sabotaging your happiness?

These are all signs that you may have a Black Bird looming over you, using your sorrow for sustenance and blocking your blessings.  Each chapter of this book is a beautiful poem, that reads almost like a novel, showing you how to identify the Black Bird in your life and how to free yourself from it.

The encouraging poems soothe and identify the struggles the author experienced on her own journey and the coping skills she learnt to create a more satisfying life.


The Enchanted Black Bird Journal

A necessary companion to Black Bird is the journal to document thoughts, feelings, revelations and reflections unearthed on your journey to finding and releasing your own Black Bird.

The journal serves many purposes, it provides a way to track negative patterns and triggers for sadness, document personal growth.

Digging up the emotion is not enough to set the Black Bird free, give your Black Bird a permanent and safe new home within the pages of this journal.  It is the perfect addition to the Enchanted Black Bird book as a workshop textbook, while this journal can be used as an assignment feedback notebook.


White Bird Inspirations

An additional, motivational and inspirational poetry collection, this book is written by another Enchanted Empire author, A.G. Richardson.  Overflowing with inspirational life experiences and motivational verse.  White Bird, will take you on a lyrical journey filled with tears, smiles and even some unexpected laughter.

Each poem leaves a memorable impression and can be enjoyed and appreciated by all ages.  Poems like Little Miss Sunshine remind us to keep a loving heart and to find joy and gratitude in every day.  Other poems like What is Normal? Illustrate the importance of finding your purpose and being true to who you are.  A.G. Richardson’s encouraging poems are testimonials laced with insight and wisdom that resonate deeply within the hearts of readers.


The Creator Within

Every person is born with their own creative fingerprint which makes them special.  The difference between those we consider great and ourselves is only that those great people could discover what made them amazing and share it with the world in a profound way.

Sometimes we need a blueprint to develop deep within and find our exceptional talents.  The Creator Within is that blueprint.  Woven through poetic verse is the inspiration needed to reveal your purpose and abilities, encourage self-belief and help you manifest what you were created to do.


Positive Affirmations - Coloring Book

A beautiful concept that could help provide an effective and therapeutic creative outlet for people to release some of their inner turmoil with Black Bird.  Colour your feelings…


Creative Expressions - Coloring Book

Inspirational ideas to tap into your unique talents and find that hobby that makes you happy.  A beautiful addition to the Black Bird Collection while forming the perfect motivational colouring gift set.


Collectors Book Marks

Fun addition for gift packs.


Black Bird Club Overview

The ͚Enchanted Black Bird Club is a small support on-line club to enhance awareness of depression and anxiety and raise social acceptance for sufferers, while suppling professional link to Beyond Blue’s web site for further assistance if required. Graphically presented in a non-clinical presentation, while in hope to assist with becoming more sociably accepted for sufferers to not shy away. Giving a more modernised and entertaining edge to deliver such support tools and daily motivational messages. Delivered in unique enchanted vintage style, rather than cold and clinical.


Club Overall Purpose

• Build courage to identify Black Birds possible existence.

•Establish more support networks

•Supporting connection tool to send invites to others

•To have something to look forward each day.

• Celebrity Support photo posts